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Balboa Naval Medical Center HVAC and Ductwork Repairs

Countywide Mechanical was awarded one phase of an overall $31 million HVAC renovation at Balboa Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD), as a third tier to RQ Construction. Due to the dedication of the project team and the quality of work, four additional phases were awarded to Countywide Mechanical as a second tier subcontractor direct to the Prime Contractor.

The project consists of the following work on Building #1 at NMCSD: repair, update, seal, and cleaning of existing HVAC systems and central plant chilled water, condenser water, heating hot water piping system, Programmed Logic Controllers control system, repairs and improvements to the air handling systems related to air handling units, exhaust fans and related control systems. The hospital is to remain in operation during the construction, with a temporary HVAC system installed for the general hospital.

The Facility Engineering & Acquisition Division (FEAD) has worked hand-in-hand to develop the project throughout each phase to create a project that truly serves the lifelong needs of the facility.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: San Diego, California
General Contractor: RQ Construction
Project Owner: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest

"I have been working with Countywide for over three years at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego and they have proven to be a reliable, honest, and well-respected company. Countywide makes every effort to put the client and their team members first by providing innovative solutions, quality products with a professional field staff, and a teamwork mindset that is fostered throughout their company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Countywide, look forward to many more successful projects with them, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for their type of services. "
-Project Manager, RQ Construction - Chris Canfield