At Countywide, we take diversity and inclusion to heart. To ensure that employees of all types succeed through networking opportunities, professional development and education, we implement initiatives to increase diversity, not only in our organization but in the industry as a whole. The pursuit of diversity and communication in every area of the company has resulted in an expansion of our collective knowledge, greater creativity and innovation, improved conflict resolution and a culture defined by dignity and respect. Every day, we’re holding ourselves accountable and challenging our unconscious biases to adapt to a changing marketplace and improve our hiring processes. By establishing diversity mechanisms, we’re generating greater employee engagement and allowing all the opportunities for success.

National Association of Women in Construction

Annually the first week of March we recognize, celebrate, and promote our women in the construction industry. NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) held their first WIC Week in 1998 and it has grown each year since. This is an opportunity to share, celebrate, and facilitate diversity, and connections in the industry and to pave the path for women who desire a career in construction.




Diverse teams are more likely to have shared experiences with their customers and business partners.

-Countywide Mechanical Systems