Teradata Corporation, a prominent American software company specializing in cloud database and analytics-related solutions, occupies a significant presence in San Diego’s tech landscape. With an expansive 65,000 square foot facility comprised of four distinct buildings, Teradata stands as a cornerstone of technological innovation in the region. Their enduring partnership with Countywide Mechanical, dating back to 2005, underscores their commitment to quality and reliability.

Countywide Mechanical shoulders the vital responsibility of ensuring the seamless operation and maintenance of Teradata’s critical HVAC infrastructure. This includes overseeing an array of specialized equipment that sustains the optimal environment within the facility. Notably, Countywide is entrusted with the care of 22 Liebert Data room cooling units, integral to maintaining the ideal temperature for data integrity. Additionally, the management of four cooling towers, with capacities ranging from 100 tons to an impressive 1,000 tons, falls under the purview of Countywide’s expertise.

Two formidable 490-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers play a pivotal role in maintaining the thermal equilibrium within Teradata’s premises. Augmenting these are a multitude of water source heat pump units, their sizes spanning from 2 to 5 tons, contributing to the facility’s energy-efficient temperature control. In line with Teradata’s commitment to advanced technology, 24 Trane SWUD units, known for their self-contained and water-cooled design, enhance the indoor climate across the facility.

Diversity in HVAC solutions is evident through the inclusion of LG VRF systems, an intricate network encompassing 108 indoor units. This innovative Variable Refrigerant Flow system harmonizes cooling and heating across diverse spaces, optimizing energy consumption. Beyond traditional HVAC systems, Countywide manages self-contained ice machines, reach-in refrigerators, pumps, motors, and variable frequency drives, affirming a comprehensive approach to facility management.

Countywide Mechanical’s expertise and experience converge to uphold Teradata’s operational continuity and commitment to excellence. This enduring partnership underscores the integral role of HVAC infrastructure in sustaining the mission-critical operations of a technology giant.