The Rise of Modigent: A National Powerhouse Redefining the Mechanical Services and Controls Systems Landscape

Harnessing Innovation and Expertise: Newly Created Company, Modigent, Pushes the Industry into the Future

PHOENIX, AZ (June 1, 2023) – The landscape of the mechanical services and controls systems industry is about to shift dramatically with the introduction of Modigent. As a collective force of industry leaders, Modigent is poised to dominate the national stage, representing a significant evolution in its ambitious journey of growth to market leadership.

As a national powerhouse that delivers a robust suite of services, spanning coast to coast, Modigent’s expansion is a result of 20 successfully-executed acquisitions. Through this growth strategy, Modigent has cultivated a portfolio of 13 specialized brands operating across 17 key markets in the USA. Through these efforts, Modigent represents more than just a united front – it’s a beacon of shared ambition and relentless commitment to excellence.

“Since our inception, we have dared to push boundaries and ceaselessly pursue excellence,”
said Daniel Bueschel, CEO of Modigent. “Modigent is more than just a new brand. It represents our strategic evolution, embracing next-gen infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions.”

Modigent’s future is emphasized by a strategic alignment with OMERS Private Equity. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to long-term value creation, social responsibility,
and the promotion of skilled trades – principles and values firmly embedded in Modigent’s identity.

During a recent internal unveiling of the new brand, Bueschel introduced a defining mantra:
ALL WAYS FORWARD. “Our passion fuels our drive for success, both for Modigent and our customers,” Bueschel said. “Under the Modigent banner, we pledge to reinforce our culture
of service, collaboration, teamwork, and inclusion.”

Modigent, built on a legacy of quality and integrity, prioritizes its people above all. The new brand aims to bolster this commitment, ensuring all locations uphold the highest standards of integrity while promoting a supportive, sustainable work environment.

“As we march forward as Modigent, we honor the legacy of each regional company that has contributed to our collective strength. We are well-positioned to capitalize on the trends toward energy efficiency, sustainability, decarbonization, and digitization,” Bueschel concluded.

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About Modigent

Modigent is a transformative force in HVAC, Plumbing, and Controls Systems, poised to revolutionize the national landscape. Formed through strategic consolidation and backed by OMERS Private Equity, Modigent represents market leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a shared vision for long-term value creation and a dedication to promotion of skilled trades, Modigent embraces next-gen infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions to deliver unparalleled services coast to coast. Anchored in integrity and guided by a culture of service and collaboration, Modigent is committed to setting the highest standards while fostering a sustainable work environment. To learn more about Modigent’s expansive offerings, diverse locations, vibrant culture, and exciting career opportunities, visit

May 31, 2023
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