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Countywide Mechanical Systems continues to work on ways to help improve and promote our Safety Program, specifically as it relates to the view that safety is more than just about numbers – it is about people.  It is about our people's well-being, their safety mindset, and total dedication to keeping Countywide a safe and healthy place to work.

Whether work is done in the field or in the office, we know that safety and health is fundamental to our success as a company, and more importantly, is paramount to our employees’ success as contributors to their families’ well-being. It isn’t enough to simply keep everyone aware of safety issues. Positive reinforcement is critical, as is recognizing individuals who go the extra mile to ensure safe work environments. We’re passionate about safety, and, as a core value of our company, we believe promoting and creating safe work places are as important as all the other things we do to bring projects to completion.

Our comprehensive safety program includes:

  • Site specific safety plan (SSP). The SSP that each employee adheres to throughout each project includes general contractor and subcontractor safety meetings, and safety requirements that are written into subcontractor contracts and MSDS records.
  • Personal protective equipment. As a condition of employment, every Countywide Mechanical Systems employee is required to use personal protective equipment required for the task assigned.
  • On-site safety manager. Our safety manager visits our projects on a regular basis to provide safety guidance, conduct inspections and ensure compliance with all regulations.