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Federal Government
Camp Pendleton Chappo Dining Facility

LEED Gold, design-assist construction of a 31,000 square foot dining facility, located at MCB Camp Pendleton. The project included mess decks, galley, scullery, administrative offices, storage, restrooms, mechanical, and electrical rooms. The facility was designed with 500 seats and featured the first outdoor seating area with barbecue grills and an additional 100 seats for the marines.

Countywide Mechanical Systems served as the mechanical subcontractor for the project, self-performing the mechanical systems, while the plumbing was subcontracted to Sherwood Mechanical under Countywide’s contract.

A high efficiency chilled water system for service to the building HVAC system was provided with a 140-ton magnetic bearing compressor air-cooled chiller. The heating system included a fire tube/fire box non-condensing type hot water boiler with IRI gas train. Both the chilled water and the heating water distribution systems included a primary-secondary arrangement with two constant volume base mounted pumps for the primary heating water loop through the boiler, and two base mounted pumps each with a variable frequency drive serving the variable flow secondary loop.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 31,000
Project Location: MCB Camp Pendelton, California
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner
Project Owner: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest