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Camp Pendleton Truck Company Operations Complex

The Design-Build Truck Company Operations Complex was unique in its mechanical systems, as there were seven individual buildings, each with different performance requirements. The project includes: Company Headquarters, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Warehouse, Communication Hut, Single Marine Facility, Dining Facility, and Armory.

The Headquarters Building was designed with a Packaged VAV System with Hot Water Reheat at the zones. This provided zone control for the officer’s administrative areas, classrooms and conference rooms for maximized occupant comfort.

This particular building had an existing portion and an expansion portion. The proposed system needed to fit within the extremely tight structural constraints for the floor-to-floor spaces. A 4-pipe fan coil system was designed to maximize thermal comfort of the administrative spaces, while minimizing the large ductwork that needed to be routed through the existing building. A garage exhaust system was provided as well as compressed air systems throughout the work bay areas.

The Warehouse was served by central exhaust and radiant heaters for the main storage areas. Heating and Ventilation units were provided for the administrative areas of the building.

Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRACs) were designed and installed for this building. The owner had requirements for redundancy, location of units, and features that really required an integrated approach to this building. Countywide and the Mechanical Engineer proposed multiple options to the owner, finally settling on air cooled, split system CRAC Units serving the server room with N+1 redundancy.

The Single Marine Facility consisted of lounge and recreation spaces for the marines. A split system packaged VAV unit with Hot Water Reheat at the zones, served the individual spaces within the building. Special attention was taken for the ductwork layout and routing due to the high ceilings for the main open lounge area for this facility.

The Dining Facility necessitated a Central Plant to provide the heating and cooling for the main dining area. Kitchen exhaust, general exhaust, makeup air units, and main air handling equipment ensured the kitchen staff and all dining occupants enjoyed their dining experience.

The main Armory space of this building was served by a Packaged Single-Zone Dehumidification unit. Individual Split System Heat Pumps were provided to serve the administration spaces of this building. Security was of high priority for this building, so the mechanical systems were designed to ensure no access to the Armory could be conducted through the ductwork or louvered openings into the spaces. A compressed air system was provided for weapons cleaning and maintenance for the Armory users.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: MCB Camp Pendleton, California
General Contractor: Straub-Driver JV
Project Owner: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest

"I was just reviweing the Single Marine Facility and you did a great job! It looks awesome! That was like threading a needle through a hay stack with out hangers and we ended up doing it. Thanks again for all your hard work and willingness to be a team player! "
-Todd Baxter - BIM Manager, C.W. Driver