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Sharp Grossmont East Tower Infrastructure Upgrade

The existing levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the East Tower, originally constructed in 1974, were the focus of this project. Major components of the work at each level included the replacement of patient utility management headwalls and the conversion of four semi-private patient rooms into four ADA compliant private rooms on each floor. The infrastructure portion of the project involved mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades as well as modernization of existing elevator cars and controls. The entire nursing unit at each level, including entry corridors and elevator lobbies, received upgraded lighting and finishes.

Countywide Mechanical provided the mechanical subcontracting scope of work for the referenced project. A total of four new air handling units, 2 exhaust fans, 13 fan coil units, and 9 terminal boxes per floor for a total of 45 terminal boxes were provided in the Tower. Countywide Mechanical performed the demolition work within each of the floors to allow for the installation of the new terminal units. Existing boxes were demolished and replacement boxes were provided, included additional boxes to improve zoning within the facility. The four existing air handling units were located in mechanical penthouses on the roof, each serving one floor of the Nursing Tower. The demolition of the air handling units was phased with each corresponding floor level work. The installation of the new air handling units required close coordination with the existing ductwork and other equipment located within the penthouses. Ductwork locations down through the roof were maintained and new ductwork was extended to connect to the new equipment.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: La Mesa, California
General Contractor: C.W. Driver
Project Owner: Sharp Healthcare