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San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, Phase 3

Countywide Mechanical's first job with Clark Construction is the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, Phase 3. Phase 3 of this expansion and reconfiguration of the facility is estimated to cost $150 million overall, and designed to achieve LEED Platinum.

The scope of work contained the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 5,  including lanes, booths, canopies on both sides, a parking structure, a head house building, and a narcotics building. Throughout the work, the land port is to remain open and operational. The project includes two geo-fields that will be located below 12 lanes of traffic with Countywide installing the main heat exchanger and pumping infrastructure for the geothermal systems. A combination of ground source heat pumps, 4-pipe fan coils, and heat recovery systems serve the mechanical needs of the campus expansion.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: San Diego, California
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Project Owner: US General Services