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Santee City Hall HVAC Replacement

Countywide Mechanical served as the prime contractor, direct to the City of Santee, to replace the aging HVAC equipment serving the City Hall complex. Composed of eight buildings, the design-build project included 43 rooftop packaged heat pumps ranging from 2.5 ton units to one 10-ton unit. With only 40 calendar days to complete the change out, while coordinating around an open and operating facility, with the additional requirement for a unit to be removed, replaced, and operating again within a 24-hour period, the project required complex phasing. Over 7 days spanning a month, a crane was used to remove the old equipment and lift the replacement equipment into place. Due to the limited lay down space available at the operating facility, just-in-time deliveries coincided with all crane days. A pro-lift was used on the roof to maneuver the units into place. In addition, all interior work, such as duct cleaning, had to be done after hours.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Santee, California
Project Owner: City of Santee