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Temecula Civic Center

The Temecula Civic Center achieved LEED Silver certification. Countywide Mechanical completed the mechanical scope of work on the three story, 95,500 SF administrative building. This building was designed to exceed California Title 24 by 32.6%. Heating hot water pumps with variable frequency drives were to designed to qualify for PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebate. The Civic Center is served by five rooftop air handling units with DX cooling coils and heating hot water coils. A split system air handling unit serves the Civic Auxiliary Room with DX cooling coil and heating hot water coil. All air handling units are equipped with variable air volume (VAV) boxes with individual thermostatic control for increased energy efficiency. A high efficiency, gas-fired boiler provides the heating hot water for the building. The heating hot water system is equipped with two variable flow hot water pumps. Additionally, a complete Direct Digital Control (DDC) system is provided to integrate the mechanical system control to manage and monitor the building systems.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 95,500
Project Location: Temecula, California
Project Owner: City of Temecula