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Countywide Mechanical Systems, Inc. COVID-19 Company Statement

As a construction and 24/7 Service company, we are constantly focused on putting processes in place that keep our men and women in the field safe and able to go home to their families each and every day. That’s always been our priority, and it continues to be our priority during this unprecedented time. We recognize as an organization that we need to do our part to keep our people safe while managing the needs of our valued partners like you, so we want you to know that at this time, we are still open for business. However, we want to assure you that at each of our office locations nationwide, we have put technology measures in place to promote remote working where possible, have eliminated non-essential travel, and are actively practicing social distancing.

Additionally, our jobsites and mechanical Service operations are still active unless mandated otherwise by clients or government authorities. However, because we care so deeply about the safety of our people and our communities around the country, we have put policies in place that are focused on increasing jobsite cleanliness, monitoring the health of our people on a daily basis, eliminating in-person group meetings, and again, actively practicing social distancing.

We know this is a time of confusion and that things are changing rapidly. Our leadership team is having daily meetings to discuss preventative measures and actions that we can take to meet our partners’ needs while also keeping our teams safe. Please reach out to our company leaders if you have any questions or concerns about our path moving forward.

We wish you all well as you also try to navigate this challenging time

Paul B. Duke


Countywide Mechanical Systems, Inc.