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Ingram’s Magazine Recognizes CEO, Tim Chadwick, as Powerful Business Leader

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tim Chadwick was recently honored as one of the most powerful business leaders in the Kansas City area. Ingram’s, Kansas City’s business magazine, looks across business sectors, across for-profit and non-profit worlds, across private-sector and public, and across privately held and publicly held companies, trying to determine Kansas City’s most powerful leaders. While it’s no surprise to us that they put Tim in this category, it certainly feels good to see him acknowledged by others as a powerful leader. 

The honorees were surveyed with the intention of unlocking a few nuggets of wisdom and sharing some insight into who these key players are. You can see how Tim responded to his survey questions below. If you’re interested in learning about other influential leaders in the Kansas City area, you can see the full list here.