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Countywide Supports Camp NAWIC

Friday, July 19, 2019

Camp NAWIC San Diego is a week-long camp that is free to high school aged girls. Countywide volunteered at the event for the second year in a row, representing the plumbing trade. Our volunteers took part in organizing and planning activities for the day. Multiple employees and interns were there volunteering, helping, and teaching the girls plumbing skills while trying to pique their interest in the trade.

Countywide hosted a "Drink Dispenser Man" activity during the day where the girls assembled PVC pipe into a person that would dispense liquid utilizing a hose bib to control flow. They created a spool sheet that the girls referenced to obtain all the right pieces and to assemble it.  After they assembled it, they flushed it with chlorine to sanitize it and then spray painted it. The pieces for this project were donated by vendors Ferguson and Apollo.

In the video below, Jen French talks about her experience volunteering at the camp, as well as gives some insight to what the day looked like for the girls and our volunteers. ​​​​​We enjoyed the opportunity to get to volunteer with Camp NAWIC again!